Welcome to June’s Brow Co, Voted best brows in Austin, Texas! I am excited to help you look and feel your best through the power of permanent makeup. I specialize in Powder Brows, Ombre Brows and Microblading. I am here to help you be bold, be beautiful, and be YOU!

Abby June

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Texas Lasers and Aesthetics- Austin, Texas
Shay Danielle- Calgary, Canada
Mychelle Hoang- Austin, Texas
RA Powder Brows-West Covina, California
Teryn Darling- Las Vegas, Nevada
Beauty Angels Academy- LA
The official Brow Studio- Austin, TX
Permanent Makeup by Lili- Calgary, Canada 
Girlz Ink- Las Vegas, Nevada
Unique Microblading - Dallas, TX
Honey Brow- New Braunfels  
Color Mai World- Seattle, Washington 
Reshape Studio- Austin, Texas

artists/academies i've trained under

I am a thoroughly trained artist creating lifelong confidence through the power of permanent makeup! Three years ago I founded June's Brow Co. after graduating from Texas State University with the aspiration of helping others. Permanent Makeup has fulfilled my desire to help people look and feel their best. I run my business where inclusivity, diversity and confidence are top priorities. Since I have started my career in Permanent Makeup I continue to train/ educate myself in order to stay current and exceptionally skilled in this ever changing industry. 

Abby June

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giving back

My favorite part about running my own business is that I have the ability to give back to communities in need. Within the last 2 years I have done over a dozen Cancer Survivor patients for free as well as collaborated with Runway of Hope.

During the 2021 Texas Snow Strom we were able to raise $5k and donate to families in need.

On occasion I will chose a charity of the month and donate a portion of months profits to that organization and I intend on doing much more.

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robyn davis

I don't even know where to start. I am 58 years old and have slowly been losing my eyebrows. I am not a big makeup user as I never had anyone to show me what to do. I have never been very confident about my looks and losing my eyebrows certainly did not help. Both of my daughters have had their brows done by Abby and they look absolutely gorgeous! They encouraged me to give it a try. Well, I am sooo happy I listened to them!! I was very nervous going into this and Abby made me feel so comfortable and put me at ease. She is so passionate about what she does as well as a perfectionist. You will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! Thank you Abby for making me feel better about myself. You are a true artist!! The world is a better place because of people like you!!!

"Abby made me feel so comfortable and put me at ease"

molly mccoy

Abby is such an amazing brow artist!! She was voted best in Austin and it's well deserved. Throughout the whole process of getting powder brows, she is reassuring and she makes sure to explain everything in detail. I was never nervous about the outcome and my eyebrows came out absolutely beautiful. She is always willing to answer questions and she explains after care thoroughly to make sure your brows will turn out looking the best that they can and that they will last for a long time. Being a redhead with white-blonde eyebrows, I have had to put on eyebrow makeup everyday for years. I could cry waking up every morning and seeing the most natural looking rows without having to touch any products. I was hesitant about getting powder brows for years and I just have to say if you're still on the fence, don't walk, RUN to June's Brow Co.

"I could cry waking up every morning and seeing the most natural looking brows"

Mary Beth

I booked a powder brow appointment for my mom, who backed out, so I decided to just go for it and let Abby do MY brows instead. Best. Decision. Ever.
I already had a good shape and pretty dark brows, but I was stunned what a difference it made thanks to her brilliant mapping for shape and perfect color matching. I have received nothing but compliments, and no one ever believes me when I tell them that my brows are literally tattooed on my face. And on that note, if you can handle the discomfort of a brow wax, powder brows with Abby will be a breeze for you, so don't worry about pain. You will not regret doing this for yourself. The brows are the frame of the face, and Abby just makes the nicest frames in town. Plus she is just an awesome person with super great energy, so it's a win/win. Now go book your appointment!!

"Best. Decision. Ever."

rene jermal

Abby's attention to detail, precision, and comfortable atmosphere went far beyond my expectations. I've been wanting to get powder brows for a long time and am so grateful for finally pulling the trigger and getting on her (worthily) busy schedule. 
After researching all the brow artists in the Austin area, Abby proved I made the right choice, as no one else slightly compares to her beautiful and (to me, most important) natural looking brows.
Coming up on week two, I smile every morning when I wake up and never felt more comfortable and confident in my own skin!

"I've never felt more comfortable and confident in my own skin!"

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